The Best Cuban Sandwich  in Florida!


Over 40 years, making Florida's Best Sandwiches

For over 40 years, Sarussi Cafe Subs has been dedicated to consistently deliver freshly prepared, high quality sandwiches with attentive and personal service. We ensure that only the freshest ingredients are used to complete our signature sandwiches starting with our unbelievably delicious bread, which is baked daily in-house. 

Inspired by our Cuban heritage, we developed our Sarussi Original Sandwich, a compilation of baked ham, roast pork, mozzarella cheese, and pickles; the final touch, our homemade secret sauce. A great honor came knocking our door when we were featured in Food Network's Man Vs Food; and as a result we doubled the ham, doubled the pork, doubled the cheese, doubled the pickles, doubled the sauce and eureka, Sarussi's Man vs Food sandwich was born. Our menu consists of a wide range of selections catering to individual palettes - breakfast to start your day, lunch for that mid day crave, and dinner for the end of day.

Our mission is to continue to strive for what has kept us on top: quality, quantity and friendly service.
40 years

What we Offer

We are a family-run independent restaurant
offering the best quality of subs and differen food options, in a clean and
confortable surroundings. We offer great place to meet, eat and socialize for lunch or dinner, so please come visit us or just pop in to say hello!